What symptoms to expect in first month of pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in life of every woman. During this period of life you feel special about your own body. Besides this everyone around you takes in extra care of you. Though life in totality should be lived to the hilt, nevertheless in this phase of life you have further rights to be pampered by those around you.

What symptoms to expect in first month of pregnancyMorning Sickness

One of the most common symptoms which can strike you as early as third week of your pregnancy is morning sickness. It can happen at any time of the day. Nausea happens owing to fast rising levels of progesterone and estrogen in the body. Also pregnant women have augmented sense of smell. Any kind of odor such as food smell or even a perfume can induce wave of nausea in first month of pregnancy.

To keep nausea at bay it is recommended that you should take small meals at regular intervals. Also avoid oily food as it is difficult to digest it. Drink plenty of fluids. Taking ginger ale might also help to alleviate the symptoms. In case the symptoms are severe it is recommend that you consult your health care provider.

Tender Breasts

Soon after conception few women notice tenderness in breasts. Your breasts might feel fuller and heavier, thereby bringing about a certain discomfort in the body. This problem can be taken care of if you wear a sports bra or any other kind of supportive bra. You may also feel that they’ve become fuller and heavier along with being super sensitive. Tender breasts are one of the major indications of being pregnant.

Increased Urge to Pee

Another common symptom of pregnancy is increased need to urinate. Your bladders might appear to be full at all the times. This happens because your uterus is enlarging and this puts pressure on your bladder. It is also possible that you leak urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing. To avoid any kind of infections in urinary tract, you should urinate whenever you feel the urge to do the same. Also wear panty liners to keep yourself hygienic.


Fatigue is another symptom which is common during first month of pregnancy. Because of elevated levels of hormone progesterone in your body, you might feel sleepy at all the times. Increase intake of iron and protein in your diet to give you necessary strength during this period.

There are few symptoms which are common to most of the woman in this first month of pregnancy. The first months ropes in physical as well as emotional changes in your body. There is an invisible transformation in the body which is triggered off when you body begins to nourish the new being within you. This happens even before tests confirm your pregnancy. In case you are aware of physical changes which will occur to you, you will be in a much confident position to handle what comes in future months.


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